It’s the Bees Knees!

The Bees are Here

Yesterday Bill and I received the bees that we are sharing with Gina LaPointe of the Orleans Community Garden and John David Reinhold.

Settling IN

 I am so excited – they are already in an idyllic setting.  They have a view of the horses and a stand of birches. They are far from the road and are really sheltered by some white pines behind them, with some new poplars growing up near the hive so they can find it easily.

Last night I went to check on them after dinner, and they were pretty quiet.  The adventurous ones had found the Bee Bath, while most of the others were drinking the provided sugar water and setting up the hive household.  There were quite a few larvae already bunked into the frames when we transferred them into their new house, so the Queen is in there somewhere. I guess I’ll get properly introduced in the next week or two. 


The bees had the chance to make some extra beeswax while the were all packaged up on their way to our place.  This did not go into their hive since it was not on a frame, so I’ve brought it to the house. I’m going to see if I can make something with it – maybe lip balm or candles or something.  Such an adventure!

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