Meditation Practice

What is a Meditation Practice?

evening meditations
We will dwell in stillness

Start your week with meditation – with joining together with like-minded individuals to replenish your body, mind and spirit.  Whether you are completely new to meditation or have practised meditation for years, you will learn and benefit from this practice. During the hour – long session you will develop your intention, discuss your practice of the previous week, and meditate on suggested guided topics. Participants come away with a serenity that can last for days!

Our Intent

Francine Portenier, your Well-Being Advocate, is pleased to offer weekly Meditation practice at Twin Willows Farm – Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30 . The intent is to provide a tranquil venue where you can learn or apply your meditation practice on a regular basis. Register at our Store.

New Location and Time

And now you can join Francine for meditation in a new location – at Hyer Destination Yoga Studio  in Embrun Wednesday evenings from 7:15 to 8:30. Register at Hyer Destination

Benefits for You

You can reduce your stress, anxiety  or depression with the regular practice of meditation, and you can significantly reduce chronic pain–symptoms and your response to it. Meditation can also improve your creativity, attention span and memory. This type of improved mental clarity can work wonders on the job. You will find that meditation if practised regularly can improve you overall sense of harmony in your life, and boost your quality of life.

Meditating in sunshine

With meditation, you allow yourself an opportunity to pause in your routine, to become aware of the present moment – to feel it – and to understand and savour each moment. By meditating on a regular basis you can become a happier, more balanced person. You will become aware of and appreciate the harmony in your life.





Meditation allows you to listen carefully to your own voice, to your own heart, to your own breathing – to just be present for them and with them, without having to go anywhere or make anything better or different.                                                                                                  Jon Kabat-Zinn






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