What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is both a mindful practice (process) – meditating regularly with awareness, with an attitude of friendly open curiosity – and a mindful awareness (outcome) – a deep knowing or tranquility throughout the day.


Benefits of Mindfulness
Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness can

  • reduce overall levels of anxiety and depression
  • reduce harmful-levels of stress
  • enhance your immune system’s performance
  • enhance your clarity of mind and creativity
  • boost your quality of life

Practice is Important

The key to deriving the benefits is to practice; if you don’t commit to regular practice, you aren’t likely to see substantial change in your life. Can you set aside time for yourself every day, for your own healing and well-being? Can you make this a priority for a short trial of 8 weeks? Are you willing to approach this practice with an open mind and heart, and yes even with a skeptical mind? If you stick with it, amazing things can happen.

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