A Pot Luck Dinner

Yule Tree

Our Tuesday night Knit group came to my house last night for a potluck celebration of our group and of the Yule season. I want to explain that I am not a Domestic Goddess, in fact I am a rather remedial case.  Thankfully, my dear husband does all the cooking and prepares fantastic meals from scratch.

Bill was in Regina visiting his brother, and I had an option; I could either paint the dining room or throw a party!  I considered doing both but that didn’t pan out.  Throw a party it was,

I covered my bets by making it a pot luck – that way, we would not be forced to eat what I could whip up.  Well, my beloved Tuesday Knitters really stepped up!  I was not quite ready when my first guest arrived., Amelie generously offered to help out, and she has a great deal more skill in the kitchen than I! So did the next guests, setting out food, cutting up a baguette, cutlery.  Eventually it was like a kitchen party.  Next time, I’ll make sure a fiddler shows up and plays.Gina helped me get the music going ( I’m supposed to be a techie!) We had a fabulous veggie curry, a quinoa salad to die for, Jamie Oliver put in an appearance, a veggie quiche chock full of yummy veggies and the desserts were terrific.  Christina lost  skin in her baking adventures with brownies, there was delicious Sucre a la Creme and I produced a Gingerbread Bundt Cake from scratch against terrific odds. The recipe is in a separate post that will go up by tomorrow morning..

We had a yarn swap afterwards, and there were terrific treasures,  We boosted Amelie, our new knitter’s stash with some pretty yarn; and i found some blue squishy stuff and some more yarn for a Mindful knitting Workshop that I will be running for Joanne. Every one went home happy and I am so, so grateful for my wonderful talented friends.



A Mindful Knitting Retreat for Peace

Therapeutic Knitting

A Retreat for Peace

From November tenth to twelfth – we invite you to join us at the Tucker House Renewal Centre. We invite you to set aside time for yourself, for your own self-care. To give yourself time to unwind, rest, explore and re-energize yourself.  We will use a combination of Mindfulness Meditation, Knitting Therapy, Nature Walks, and good food at the historic Confederation-era Tucker House, and its thirty acres of sustainable trails.

Knitting and Mindfulness

Knitting Mindfully

During this weekend, we can teach you both the therapeutic skills of knitting and mindfulness meditation. A therapeutic practice is one that heals your mind body or spirit.

Knitting can produce a host of benefits: creative inspiration, a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, community building, and the rhythm of a relaxing activity, to name a few.  In using your hands in a rhythmical and repetitive activity, you gradually create something, stitch upon stitch.

Mindfulness meditation is about paying attention to what is right with you, some of which you might normally take for granted or ignore.  By paying attention in a new, more loving, and systematic way to what is right with you, you can discover a new capacity for understanding and growth.  The most basic explanation for how mindfulness practice fosters good health is that it lowers stress and helps with pain management, which helps the body and mind to heal.


Our purpose is to provide you with an addictive habit – knitting- that is strongly associated with mindfulness.  Our hope is that whenever you pick up your knitting needles, you will remember to be mindful.

Register Now

Register now  or email Francine for more details.  Move fast there are only 8 places for overnight accommodation available.


Intention Attention and Attitude

PEI Sunset


Now is a time of gentle endings – saying good bye to summer time pursuits and getting ready for new beginnings. Perhaps another school year. Or just going back into your work or life with renewed vigour – brought about by the freshening winds. An opportunity to start again with new subject matter, to revitalize our knowing. It is also often an opportunity to meet new people, create new  or change our existing relationships to reflect that we’ve grown.


First, what are our intentions in going into these relationships? Are these relationships in line with our overall values; are they nourishing to our spirit?
Are we entering into these connections for a mutually beneficial outcome?


Second, am I focusing my attention on this person(s) while in their presence. Listening with full attention is a gift that rarely occurs, since we are all coping with so many distractions. Have we brought a deep and penetrating attention to these connections?


The attitudes we bring to our life and all the moments and encounters in it critically affect how we pay attention. Try practicing attitudes of acceptance, curiosity and warmth and you may discover a greater turning towards making new relationships and deepening of existing ones.

We may find that our connections benefit from a high quality of mindfulness, and our endings are not so final. These endings in fact may lead to new beginnings, chance encounters leading to great opportunities.

It’s the Bees Knees!

The Bees are Here

Yesterday Bill and I received the bees that we are sharing with Gina LaPointe of the Orleans Community Garden and John David Reinhold.

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Settling IN

 I am so excited – they are already in an idyllic setting.  They have a view of the horses and a stand of birches. They are far from the road and are really sheltered by some white pines behind them, with some new poplars growing up near the hive so they can find it easily.

Last night I went to check on them after dinner, and they were pretty quiet.  The adventurous ones had found the Bee Bath, while most of the others were drinking the provided sugar water and setting up the hive household.  There were quite a few larvae already bunked into the frames when we transferred them into their new house, so the Queen is in there somewhere. I guess I’ll get properly introduced in the next week or two. 


The bees had the chance to make some extra beeswax while the were all packaged up on their way to our place.  This did not go into their hive since it was not on a frame, so I’ve brought it to the house. I’m going to see if I can make something with it – maybe lip balm or candles or something.  Such an adventure!

The Siren Call of Spring


Wild Geese
Wild Geese

Overhead the Canadian geese are chatting amongst themselves, as they move in with the warmer weather. Happily, there are a lot of options nearby for them to land and feed in. Their chatting voices are by necessity rather loud since they need to be heard above the sound of the rushing wind, and since their v – shaped flying patterns keep them spaced very widely apart. I wouldn’t think there are very many intimate conversations going on, just stories about how grandpa used to love this place or how that place dried up like a desert last year, and instructions to the young ones to note that particular landmark. I rejoice in their sound since it means that at least one other species thinks that the weather is going to get warmer.

Another sound of spring that cheers me is the pervasive sound of water trickling under the bottom of a plate of ice, of water whooshing through our downspouts, and rising in the ditches. It means that our blanket of 2 or 3 feet of snow is slowly, reluctantly, giving way to the sunshine. It is replenishing the aquifer gradually that flows beneath my farm, because we live in the country, and because this year it is melting slowly enough to be absorbed into the ground.

I realize that the majority of you who live in cities probably miss a lot of these water sounds. So much of the ground is “developed” and paved over that the spring runoff goes directly to storm water collection systems.

The smaller birds are getting noisy too – calling as they gather in large groups and then whizzing in twos to a new feeding patch.  They’re getting ready for mating season, gathering energy for the frolicking ahead.

Spring is a wonderful season full of anticipation and excitement. Around our place it also comes with mud and lots of winter hair, given up by its original owners and now sticking fiercely on every piece of clothing I own.  I will take the good with the bad, the hair with the sun.  I will appreciate every small intimate change in my surroundings! Spring is here!!!!



Mindful Knitting Essentials

Mindful Knitting
Mindful Knitting


For those of us who knit, it will come as no surprise that knitting can be used as a therapeutic practice.  A therapeutic process is one that heals our minds, bodies, spirits, or some combination thereof. Knitters will recognize that healing –  in the joy we derive from most of our knitting experiences.  Whether you are planning a project, fondling yarn, selecting just the right materials from your stash, or actually knitting, many steps of the knitting process bring about a sense of contentment and well-being.  After all, that’s part of why we do it, right?


Knitting can produce a host of benefits: creative inspiration, senses of accomplishment and self-confidence, community building, and the rhythm of a relaxing activity, to name a few.  However, more depth is possible; adding the concept of mindfulness can enrich the experience of knitting and promote peace, contentment, and healing.  Mindfulness is about paying attention to what is right with you, some of which you might normally take for granted or ignore.  By paying attention in a new, more loving, and systematic way to what is right with you, you can discover a new capacity for understanding and growth.

Mindfulness for Deeper Healing

Mindfulness is well-researched and well-known to promote physical and emotional health.  Techniques such as mindfulness meditation are widely used in treating cancer patients, anxiety, depression, and many other physical and emotional illnesses.  The most basic explanation for how mindfulness practice fosters good health is that it lowers stress and helps with pain management, which helps the body and mind to heal.

 Why This Course?

Why this Course?
Why this Course?

I’m offering a course on 3 essential aspects of mindful knitting for a few reasons. The first reason is because I think that combining mindfulness with a hobby that you love will encourage you to practice mindfulness more often – whenever you pick up your knitting needles. And it is the frequency of practicing mindfulness that ultimately provides the greatest benefit. The second reason is because the standard way that mindfulness is taught is in an eight week program – and that is a huge time commitment that many people do not wish to make.

So this course is intended to distill some of the essentials of mindfulness into a 3 part course taking place over a one month period.

I’m offering 2 different timeframes- Choose the one that best fits your schedule:

Course 1:
January 23rd – Enhancing Your Awareness 10 am—12:30 pm
February 13th – Dealing with Difficult Emotions 10 am—12:30 pm
February 27th – Self – Compassion   10 am—12:30 pm

Course 2:
February 20th – Enhancing Your Awareness 10 am—12:30 pm
March 5th – Dealing with Difficult Emotions 10 am—12:30 pm
March 19th –   Self – Compassion   10 am—12:30 pm

3 Essentials

Enhancing your Awareness – deals with focusing on your skills of observation and awareness. Here you learn how to practice that focus again and again.

Dealing with Difficult Emotions – our natural tendencies are to ignore or repress unpleasant and difficult emotions. Here you learn how to approach and accept difficult emotions and thoughts – being curious about them. This can often lessen your fear of them.

Self – Compassion – our tendency to be critical of ourselves is harmful yet persistent. Here we learn about enfolding ourselves in loving kindness.


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