Mindful Knitting

Therapeutic Knitting
Knit simply

Knitting has been proven to reduce stress and improve your mood and outlook. The rhythmical and relaxing pace of knitting can help you slow down and enjoy the moment. This simple act of repeatedly and quietly performing the same movements over and over, creating something unique and wonderful, is calming and meditative.

The purpose in participating in a mindful knitting group is to have fun; maybe learn a new skill; improve your mood; lower your stress levels and develop a meditative approach to knitting.

Anyone who already knits or who would like to learn how to knit is welcome to contact me to get more information on the location and timing of my Mindful or Therapeutic Knitting Groups.


“The act of Knitting is inherently built on the formation of a stitch, the creation of fabric. When we knit, we place our attention over and over again on the natural rhythm of creating fabric from yarn.”               by Tara Jon Manning of Mindful Knitting





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