A Pot Luck Dinner

Yule Tree

Our Tuesday night Knit group came to my house last night for a potluck celebration of our group and of the Yule season. I want to explain that I am not a Domestic Goddess, in fact I am a rather remedial case.  Thankfully, my dear husband does all the cooking and prepares fantastic meals from scratch.

Bill was in Regina visiting his brother, and I had an option; I could either paint the dining room or throw a party!  I considered doing both but that didn’t pan out.  Throw a party it was,

I covered my bets by making it a pot luck – that way, we would not be forced to eat what I could whip up.  Well, my beloved Tuesday Knitters really stepped up!  I was not quite ready when my first guest arrived., Amelie generously offered to help out, and she has a great deal more skill in the kitchen than I! So did the next guests, setting out food, cutting up a baguette, cutlery.  Eventually it was like a kitchen party.  Next time, I’ll make sure a fiddler shows up and plays.Gina helped me get the music going ( I’m supposed to be a techie!) We had a fabulous veggie curry, a quinoa salad to die for, Jamie Oliver put in an appearance, a veggie quiche chock full of yummy veggies and the desserts were terrific.  Christina lost  skin in her baking adventures with brownies, there was delicious Sucre a la Creme and I produced a Gingerbread Bundt Cake from scratch against terrific odds. The recipe is in a separate post that will go up by tomorrow morning..

We had a yarn swap afterwards, and there were terrific treasures,  We boosted Amelie, our new knitter’s stash with some pretty yarn; and i found some blue squishy stuff and some more yarn for a Mindful knitting Workshop that I will be running for Joanne. Every one went home happy and I am so, so grateful for my wonderful talented friends.