Back to my Beautiful Life

Well, you may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging and trying to share my opinions with you for quite a while. I was taking part in that great exercise of democracy – the Federal election campaign. I was supporting my local candidate by canvassing door  to door, erecting and replacing and replacing signs that were blown down by the wind. Mother Nature wanted to be sure she wasn’t ignored during this campaign, but alas, most did not recognize her interventions.

By canvassing door to door, I’ve learned a great deal about how large and diverse and yet similar my electoral riding is. More on this later. Today I’m just glad – yes even elated to be back to a more reasonably paced life.

Yesterday, I saw only one of the pair of geese that have been visiting my horse pasture every day. They usually return to join their flock at night to be safe. Maybe they are honeymooners, wanting a little together time. Last evening, just the male was there calling constantly. There was also a fox in the pasture – the first one I’ve seen here in more than 10 years. Eventually the male goose ran toward the fox, then turned, and flew away. Perhaps he was trying to lure it away from something. I fear for the female, I hope she isn’t hurt.

This morning, I saw three wild turkeys regally stalking across my pasture, walking under the electrical fence and off into the brush. The warm spring weather is enticing many animals to show themselves. I am happy to witness them.