January Renewal of our Intentions

evening meditation
Snowy Fences

Our first meditation session of January focused initially on our intentions for this New Year, trying to answer the questions:

Why am I meditating? Who will I be in one year? What am I longing for, for myself?

We meditated on this for about 5 minutes, quietly focusing on our breathing and on these questions. In this way we are trying to set our intent for this year 2014, in the form of an expansive encouraging question.

You need not place any expectations on a particular meditation session, or be concerned if some days you find it hard to focus.  With practice, and with friendly compassion for yourself, you may find that gradually you are enjoying the benefits of greater well-being, and happiness.

A poem we read in the evening:


Enough. These few words are enough.
If not these words, this breath.
If not this breath, this sitting here.


This opening to the life

we have refused

again and again

until now.


Until now. By David Whyte from Where Many Rivers Meet  I found it so optimistic.

For our longer 30 minute meditation, in the morning we did a modified Body Scan with a lot of appreciation for what our body gives to us day after day. We honoured its strength. We then meditated on the energy and joy that enveloped us.

In the evening, we used paired intentions that we timed to our breathing.

  • Breathing in, I know I’m breathing in                 Breathing out, I know I’m breathing out
  • Breathing in, my breath grows deep                  Breathing out, my breath goes slowly
  • Breathing in, I am aware of my body                 Breathing out, relaxing my body
  • Breathing in, caring for my body                         Breathing out, nurturing my body

Repeating these intentions during repetitive activities or meditation  throughout the week is a good way of regaining the peace that you felt during our meditation practice.


Lovely “Loving Yourself” Workshop

Monday evening was a good time to be outside – the temperature was warm but not humid. We gathered in the shade of the gazebo, the freshly cut lawn underfoot, sitting by the cherry and the apple trees, overlooking the horses’ pasture and the perennial gardens. The bees drowsed in the asters and Shanti my calico cat dropped by as well.

We started our workshop with a brief meditation on our breath, feeling the earth beneath our feet and realizing that our breath is always with us.

We then discussed the facets of ourselves that we need to pay attention to – our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects. We talked about how we could care for these aspects of ourselves, how to make the time, save the energy for ourselves and accept ourselves just as we are now.

The harvest moon rose and outdid the sunset, I haven’t been able to command the sunset to perform – and tonight the harvest moon was warm and full and luminous. Thank you.