Endings and Beginnings

Well my Chickpeas,
I have been experiencing many gentle endings lately. The ending of a three-day retreat, the ending of the school year, my daughters’ moving closer to their dreams. The relationships that were established, some long, some brief, some intense, others fleeting speak of connection. The quality of connection can be influenced by the mindfulness we bring to all the moments spent together. Three quality characteristics are Intention, Attention and Attitude.


First, what are our intentions in going into these relationships? Are these relationships in line with our overall values; are they nourishing to our spirit?
Are we entering into these connections for a mutually beneficial outcome?


Second, am I focusing my attention on this person(s) while in their presence. Listening with full attention is a gift that rarely occurs, since we are all coping with so many distractions. Have we brought a deep and penetrating attention to these connections?


The attitudes we bring to our life and all the moments and encounters in it critically affect how we pay attention. Try practicing attitudes of acceptance, curiosity and warmth and you may discover a greater turning towards making new relationships and deepening of existing ones.

We may find that our connections benefit from a high quality of mindfulness, and our endings are not so final. These endings in fact may lead to new beginnings, chance encounters leading to great opportunities.