Gardening Meditation

It’s been 29 days, and still it hurts.  My days are much lighter now, I see the beauty in many things. My wild roses are budding, and this evening, I finished weeding, pruning,  removing exuberant coneflowers, and  mulching my 4th major perennial bed in my backyard.

I’ve been working on growing and adding to my perennial gardens for the past 15 years. I’ve tried to use plants that are native to this area, as well as plants that are drought-tolerant, because  I don’t want to spend my summer watering and babying plants along. It has worked very well, as long as I enjoy Comfrey, Coneflowers, and Goldenrod.

I do, of course, but sometimes I long for Lupins or Cardinal flowers.  They usually get out competed by the Coneflowers.

Luna, my 14 month old lab mix, got hit by a train on May 5th. 29 days doesn’t seem very long time – one fourteenth of a lifetime.image