Hello Sustainers!

This is my first post on this blog. I am interested in exchanging ideas on making our communities more welcoming and supportive of all who live in them; more vibrant and more protective of the environment.

Our species increasing dependence on fossil fuels over the last 100 years has created huge amounts of pollution, pushed many other species toward extinction and resulted in galloping climate change all over the globe.

It has fostered many myths- one of the most pernicious being that businesses and economies can and must grow – ever expanding towards infinity. The last 2 Western generations expected to do better than their parents, to have more possessions, more vacations, a better education and a better job.

But my spidey sense is telling me that the infinitely expanding economies have gone off the rails, in the brand new year 2011.  You may have noticed examples of how the ever expanding economy and prosperity is not quite happening in your corner of the world. Should we expect that this is just a momentary recession, a slow couple of years that’s all? That we’ll get back into the expansionary mode any day now –  or should we be dreaming up new myths and pictures of a different future?

This blog will be devoted to describing a new future, one where we commit to reining in our consumption and finding beauty and satisfaction in  supportive and  embracing communities.