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Singing Bowl
Singing Bowl

I’m trying to upgrade my site to allow you to register and pay online for our new Mindfulness Skills for Well-Being course starting May 7th. I apologize for any delays in signing up.

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My name is Francine - I live in the Ottawa area and I am passionately interested in encouraging individuals to improve their well-being. I teach mindfulness, offer on-going meditation practice at the Farm and in other locations. At present, I offer Meditation practice at the Hyer Destination Yoga Studio in Embrun. I have established the first Therapeutic Knitting Group in Canada, based upon the research going on in the UK. I have lived on Twin Willows Farm for the last 17 years and I have enjoyed the constant presence and companionship of horses. They helped me to adapt to country life and slow down my tempo, so that I can savour the great things that are happening now in my life.